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FedEx Shipping in Port Isabel, Texas

We ship via FedEx

The Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas is your one stop shop for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and International Shipping Solutions.

UPS Shipping in Port Isabel, Texas

We Ship via UPS

The Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas conveniently handles all of your UPS Shipping — Ground, Express or International shipments.

USPS Shipping in Port Isabel, Texas

We ship via USPS

The Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas handles mailing letters, Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, International Mail and postage stamps for USPS.

DHL Shipping in Port Isabel, Texas

We now ship via DHL!

The Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas is your one stop shop for DHL International Shipping Solutions.


We have packing supplies!

Products can only shine when they stay in great condition from creation to delivery. Our packaging supplies, including packing materials, bubble rolls and wraps, help ensure that goods arrive intact. Thanks to our packing supplies and moving supplies, it's easier than ever to ensure satisfaction down the street, across the country and around the world.

Come to the Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas for all your packing needs.

Services We offer

Domestic & International Shipping

We can ship virtually anything to virtually anywhere in the world, so it doesn't matter if you're sending a letter to Lincoln, or a sofa to Siberia - WE CAN HANDLE IT!

Professional Packing

Tired of trying to figure how to pack that special item so it arrives in one piece? We offer professional packing service for your convenience.

Retail Items

We sell post cards, study guides, lottery tickets, art work and Leanin' Tree greeting cards.

Printing & Document Services

We offer a wide range of copy and print services and specialize in personal attention. From a single black & white or 1,000 color copies — we’ve got you covered.

Fax Services

No Fax Machine At Home? We Can Help. The Coastal Mail provides fax services to businesses, residents and visitors in Port Isabel, Texas and our surrounding cities.

Notary Service

When important documents must be certified quickly, think of Coastal Mail. We have a certified Notary Public for Port Isabel, Texas on site ready to witness legal documents and administer oaths.

Mailbox Rental

Renting a private mailbox from the Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas is the most efficient way to receive your mail and packages. We offer safety, security and convenience.

Passport Photos

The Coastal Mail in Port Isabel, Texas can handle your Passport Photos while you wait!

Custom Box Making & Crating

We can custom-make a box or crate to fit virtually anything. As packaging experts, we know which materials to use and how to create custom containers that fit your item like a glove and protect it while it’s being shipped.

Key Cutting & Duplication

Let us cut your spare keys for house, apartment and office — while you wait!

Office / Business Services

The Coastal mail in Port Isabel, Texas offers typing and word processing, electronic document management, mailing list management, media transfers and photo printing.

Computer & Internet Access

We provide computer and internet access.


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